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Everything You Need To Know About MTN Magic Number

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Do you know about MTN Magic Number and how it operates? I will elaborate on what MTN Magic Number is and how to turn it on.

Many active users are unaware of the Magic Number service. It’s a special offer for newly registered active customers, granting them the ability to choose one specific number to call for free over a period of 6 months.

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For new subscribers, activating the Magic Number requires having some airtime on your SIM. If someone wonders, “Can I change my Magic Number?” The answer is No. The Magic Number cannot be altered and remains valid for 6 months.

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How to activate MTN Magic Number

Follow the steps below to activate the magic number with that one special number to enjoy free calls for 6 months with no charges.

  1. On your smartphone, dial *550#.
  2. Select option “8” for more.
  3. Select option “1” for the Magic number.
  4. Select option “1” for MTN free call offer.
  5. Now enter the person’s number you would like to use.
  6. Follow the prompt to get activated.
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