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How To Activate MTN Free After 1 (NKOMODE)

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MTN has successfully seduced its customers with one of the most intriguing packages in Ghana right now. MTN Free After 1 (Nkomode) is the name of the package.

This bundle, commonly known as the MTN Nkomode bundle, requires you to pay for the first minute of your call and enjoy the remainder for free.

You’ve certainly heard of this bundle, but you may be unaware of what it comprises.

If you find yourself in this circumstance, expect to be intrigued because we will be exploring the MTN Nkomode package and will try our best to cover all of its characteristics.

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What is MTN Free After 1 Bundle?

We’ve previously established that the MTN Free after one bundle is known as NKOMODE, now we’ll explore what the bundle truly is. You only pay for the first minute of calls to MTN lines with this package, and the other minutes are entirely free. After the first minute, you will not be charged for any extra minutes spent on the call.

How To Subscribe To MTN Free After One (NKOMODE)

You may be in a hurry to learn the code for subscribing to MTN Free after only one bundle. You can subscribe to this bundle by entering the code *550#.

Just follow the steps below to know how to subscribe;

  • Dial *550#
  • Select Option 6.
  • Now select Option 1 to Activate.
  • After activating, you’ll receive a notification about your subscription.

How To Deactivate your MTN Free After One Subscription?

The answer to whether or not you may deactivate your MTN Nkomode bundle is yes. You may deactivate the subscription by following these steps:

  • Dial *550#
  • Select Option 6.
  • Now select Option 2 to Deactivate.
  • After deactivating, you’ll receive a notification about your subscription.

NB: You must bear in mind that the bundle comes with its own term and conditions. To see these terms and conditions, CLICK HERE!!!

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