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How To Block YouTube Ads On Android And PC

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The ideal option if you want to block YouTube adverts on a PC may be to install the browser extension. Here’s how to block YouTube advertisements for free.

Not just through well-known streaming applications like Spotify, but also on YouTube, a lot of people like listening to music. Anyone who uses YouTube to watch music videos or other content is aware that the site now features more advertisements than ever.

Even though the company needs to run ads to make some money, it can be a little irritating to see 4-5 ads in (popular) long videos.

Thank goodness, most videos on YouTube still just have one or two commercials. Many people still find it bothersome, especially when the skip button is absent. We will now look at several techniques you may use to disable YouTube advertisements.

The easiest solution to prevent adverts on a PC, if you’re seeking for one, may be to install a browser extension. The most widely used browser on PCs is Google Chrome, followed by Microsoft Edge, Firefox, and others. You may add an Adblock extension through the online shop for these browsers.

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When you install an Adblock extension, all of the advertisements on every website, including YouTube, will be blocked. The good news is that you may stop advertisements without paying a dime.

The following are some popular Google Chrome extensions you may use to block advertisements on your computer:

How to Block YouTube Ads on PC.

  1. Launch the Google Chrome Browser or Microsoft Edge if you are using it daily regularly.
  2. Click on the three dots at the top right corner.
  3. Choose More tools> extensions.
  4. Click on the hamburger menu at the top left of your browser.
  5. At the bottom of that panel, click on the open Chrome web store.
  6. In the search box search for AdBlock — the best ad blocker.
  7. When the result appeared, click on it.
  8. Click on Add to Chrome, then click on add the extension.
  9. Once the adblocker is installed on your computer, all the ads across every website are blocked by now.
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How to Block YouTube Ads on Smartphones.

The simplest way to remove advertising from the YouTube app on Android and iOS devices is to utilize YouTube Premium. The YouTube app on a smartphone cannot be used to block adverts because there is not a single technique available for doing so.

However, the extensions will also do the job of blocking YouTube ads if you want to use YouTube on all of your smartphone’s browsers.

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You may utilize browsers with built-in ad blocking features even if you don’t want to use an extension for your smartphone. Opera and Brave, which are compatible with Android, iOS, and PC, are two examples.

I tried numerous different strategies, approaches, and Google Play store applications to prevent adverts on the YouTube app, and I can vouch that none of them worked.

However, I discovered programs with browser-like user interfaces and others that have a player of their own that employs a VPN to also block YouTube ads. However, to do so, you must first launch the YouTube video in the app’s video player.

AdBlock is the name of this app. You must download it from their official website, install it, and adjust the settings as directed by the screen.

Steps to Block YouTube Ads using AdBlock on Android:

  1. Turn on the AdBlock.
  2. Open the YouTube App, and tap on the video that you want to play.
  3. Tap on the share> find the AdBlock player and tap on it.
  4. Now the video is playing in that Adlock player without any ads.

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