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How To Check Your Mobile Number On Glo

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A lot of people tend to ask me this question a lot. “Is it possible to check my mobile number on my phone?” and my answer is always YES.

Because of the emergence of phones with multiple SIM cards, the average Ghanaian now possesses at least two SIM cards. It’s sometimes difficult for others to remember these numbers at first, but with practice, they become second nature.

This is a common problem for people who switch SIM cards owing to poor network coverage, lower phone prices, or lower data service pricing on other networks.

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And in some cases, some people try to confirm if the number they know is right, especially when they have no one around to confirm or check for them. Hence knowing how to check your own mobile number makes it very vital in such situations.

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Without further I do, let’s dive into how you can check your mobile number on Glo.

This process is simple and does not require any particular or special mobile phone. It could be any phone at all, either smart or not. You just need your phone’s dialer.

Below are steps to check your mobile number on each network.

How To Check Your Mobile Number On Glo

  • Dial Free Short Code 1244 to know your Glow Ghana Mobile number
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