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How To Enable Advanced Data Protection For iCloud

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Advanced-Data Protection for iCloud includes end-to-end encryption for additional categories beyond passwords, payment information, and health data. As a result, once your iCloud data leaves your device, no one (not even Apple) can access it except you.

End-to-end encryption is now available for the following iCloud categories, thanks to the addition of Advanced Data Protection:

  • iCloud Backups (Messages and device backups)
  • iCloud Drive
  • Notes
  • Photos
  • Reminders
  • Safari Bookmarks
  • Siri Shortcuts
  • Voice Memos
  • Wallet Passes

To access the above information, you must have access to your private key. Advanced-Data Protection is not accessible in iCloud Mail, Contacts, or Calendar since it requires connectivity with other global email, contacts, and calendar systems.

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How to enable Advanced Data Protection for iCloud

  1. Open Settings and tap on your name.
  2. Select iCloud.
  3. Scroll down and select Advanced Data Protection.
  4. Then, choose to Turn On Advanced Data Protection.

Note: Do note that you will be asked to configure the Account Recovery. If you have not done it already, follow the steps below:

  1. Open Settings and tap on your name at the top.
  2. Select Password & Security.
  3. Tap on Account Recovery.
  4. Choose Add Recovery Contact and then select it again.
  5. Use Touch ID or Face ID to unlock your device.
  6. Choose a contact of your choice.
  7. Tap on Add to save the contact as your recovery contact.
  8. Select Send to send the request to the contact.
  9. Tap Done.
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Once you have set up the Account Recovery, follow the steps to enable Advanced Data Protection.

  1. Return to the Advanced Data Protection settings.
  2. Enable Advanced Data Protection.
  3. Follow the additional verification steps, including entering your Recovery Key and lock passcode.
  4. Once everything is set up, you will receive a confirmation that Advanced-Data Protection is enabled.

Enabling Advanced Data Protection for iCloud results in changes such as restricting access to your data only on your trusted devices. If you want to access your data on, you must first authorize temporary access using one of your trusted devices.

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Also, if you have set up Family Sharing, all shared data will be encrypted, but all members must enable the feature on their devices. Moreover, using Shared Albums in Photos or collaborative files with “anyone with the link” will only have traditional data security measures, not end-to-end encryption.

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