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How To Reset Your Vodafone Cash PIN

Your Vodafone Cash PIN is one of a kind and must be secretly. Avoid sharing your MoMo PIN with anyone. However, if you suspect your Vodafone Cash PIN has been compromised, you can simply request for a Vodafone Cash PIN Reset.

Yep, it’s as simple as that.

Vodafone Cash is a quick, easy, and secure service allowing you to use your mobile phone to transfer money and make payments.

With it, you can send and receive money, recharge airtime and data for yourself and other Vodafone numbers, pay bills (Vodafone Bills), as well as buy goods and services.

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How To Reset Your Vodafone Cash PIN

To reset your Vodafone Cash PIN, follow these steps:

  1. Dial *110#.
  2. Select Option 7 [Self Service].
  3. Then choose Option 1 [Reset your PIN].
  4. Enter 1 to proceed to answer secret questions.
  5. Enter Date of Birth (DDMMYYYY).
  6. Enter Ghana Card Number (without hyphens).
  7. Enter your current VF Cash Balance.
  8. Enter Surname captured on Ghana Card.
  9. Enter Expiry Date of your Ghana Card (DDMMYYYY).
  10. Enter Firstnames captured on Ghana Card.
    • Caution: If you provide incorrect information in the steps above, you will receive a message stating; “Sorry, you did not answer the security questions correctly. Please visit the nearest retail shop with your Ghana card for assistance”
    • Follow the steps again with correct information.
  11. Now follow the prompt by entering your Current Vodafone Cash PIN, New PIN, and repeat New PIN.
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The process may seem lengthy, but it’s designed to ensure the safety of your Vodafone Cash Account.

Note: If you enter incorrect information and encounter an error message after step 10, your account and PIN will still be secured. There’s no need to worry. Simply restart the process with accurate information to avoid the error message.

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