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Top 12 FREE Temporary Email Generators

People may want a temporary email address for various reasons. Some use it to stay anonymous, while others use it to avoid spam.

If you need to download something from a site that asks for signup but don’t want to share your real email, a temporary/fake one makes sense.

However, if anonymity or dealing with follow-up emails isn’t a concern, using your real email is a better choice.

This article explores popular and reliable email generators currently available.

12 Best FREE Temporary Email Generators

Here are some widely used and likely the best temporary email ID generators worth exploring:

1. Guerrilla Mail

Guerrilla Mail stands out as one of the best and longest-running fake email generators. It’s free, doesn’t need registration, and only requires your desired name.

The generated fake email lasts for 60 minutes, providing a temporary shield against spam. Additionally, Guerrilla Mail offers an Android app for convenient management of fake emails on your phone.

2. EmailFake

EmailFake is a useful tool for website registrations, confirmation emails, spam avoidance, and maintaining anonymity.

Creating a fake email ID on only needs a username and domain, and there’s no limit to how many you can generate.

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The fake email remains valid for an extensive period of 231 days, and the service doesn’t require registration.

3. TempMail

TempMail provides temporary email addresses, offering you a quick and easy solution. No registration is needed, and you can easily change the temporary email address if needed.

This service safeguards you from spam, advertising emails, as well as hacking and attacking emails.

4. Fake Mail Generator

Fake Mail Generator is an online tool providing disposable email addresses, helping you avoid clutter in your regular inbox with spam emails.

Beyond the standard features of disposable email services, it offers country-specific domains, allowing you to create fake email addresses with 10 different domain names. The service is completely free, and no registration is necessary.

5. 10 Minute Mail

As the name suggests, 10 Minute Mail provides a temporary email ID valid for only 10 minutes.

Ideal for quick tasks like downloads, the disposable email created with 10 Minute Mail self-destructs after its short lifespan, offering a convenient and temporary solution.

6. Email Generator

Email Generator is a valuable online tool for generating fake email addresses, useful for tasks like website sign-ups, email confirmation, and forum account creation.

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The email addresses created through this service remain valid for an extensive 231 days. The process is quick and easy, with no registration required, providing a convenient way to generate disposable email IDs.

7. Trash-Mail

Trash Mail is a registration-free fake email generator, allowing you to easily create disposable email addresses. As the name suggests, once you’ve used the email for its intended purpose, you can simply trash it.

Creating a fake email address is straightforward – visit the website, input your chosen username and domain, and your disposable email ID is ready to go.

8. YOPMail

YOPmail is a convenient fake email generator for creating disposable email IDs, sparing you from dealing with spam. These IDs are suitable for various registrations.

The process of generating a disposable email address with YOPmail is simple and direct. The fake email IDs remain valid for 8 days, and each user gets a unique disposable email ID. Registration is optional, and no password is required.

9. Mailinator

Mailinator is a user-friendly tool for generating random email addresses. It’s been around for a long time and is quite reliable. Creating a random email with Mailinator is simple – just visit the website and enter your desired email address.

The inbox for your email is accessible for a few hours. While there is a free option that works well, Mailinator also offers a pro version for additional features and flexibility.

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10. ThrowAwayMail

“Throwaway mail” refers to a disposable email ID that you can discard after use, making it practical for tasks like sign-ups and confirmation emails, especially for services or sites you don’t plan to keep track of.

Throwawaymail provides the ability to both send and receive emails without requiring any registration. Guests can create unlimited fake emails, and these fake email IDs have a 48-hour expiration period. This approach offers a convenient and temporary solution for various online activities.


For a quick and simple temporal email ID generator, consider using INBOXES. Generating a temporary email is effortless – just visit the website, enter your preferred email username, and you’re done.

New emails are automatically displayed on the page without the need to refresh, providing a fast and convenient experience.

12. Dispostable

If you’re in a rush and need a temporary email ID quickly, Dispostable has you covered. This tool generates email IDs with the domain extension, and there’s no limit to the number you can create.

The user interface is user-friendly, making it easy for even a newcomer to navigate through the site.


Various tools like Guerrilla Mail, EmailFake, TempMail, and others provide convenient solutions for generating fake email IDs.

These services offer anonymity, spam protection, and temporary email addresses suitable for different purposes.

Whether you prefer the simplicity of 10 Minute Mail or the versatility of YOPmail, there’s a wide range of options to choose from based on your specific needs.

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