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Since its humble beginnings, Ghana Tech Base was created to inform, inspire and engage the audience and the web community through informative tech content.

Everyone has a story – and many of us have several! Share your knowledge and experience with our community so that we may all learn and grow together. True, we’re a technology blog based in Ghana, but our blog gathers the greatest ideas from every part of the growing world.

Our Authors

You don’t have to be the world’s top expert in your field, but you should have something to say. We want the genuine stuff – solid material, skillfully conveyed — whether you’re compelled to share a personal experience or research a topic you find truly educative — good content, well told.

Why Write for Ghana Tech Base?

By writing for Ghana Tech Base you get to:

  • Touch lives.
  • Support positive change.
  • Connect with a global audience.
  • Share your unique voice and messages.
  • Share your bio underneath your article about who you are and what you do, including a photo of you, and links to your social media handles.

We’re Looking For…

  • Great writing.
  • Good images.
  • Useful content (“how to” tutorials, “what is” references, etc.)
  • A primary target keyword.
  • The same keyword is in the title and relevant headings.
  • Additional semantic/long tail keywords throughout the article.
  • Links to data sources and other Ghana Tech Base content.
  • Up to 2 relevant links to your own resources (no homepage or promotional content).
  • A headshot (200×200) and a short bio, which may include a homepage link.

The Type of Articles We Welcome

Our community loves to receive actionable inspiration for a better life and a better world.

You are welcome to submit articles in your area of expertise related to the overarching categories below. If your article cannot naturally fit into any of these categories, our Blog and community may not be the best platform and audience for your message.

Ghana Tech News
Articles (Tech Related)
General Tech News
Android News

iPhone/iMac/iPad News
PC (Windows/MacOS)

Tips & Tricks
Mobile/Smartwatch Reviews
Hot Tech Deals

Please pick your own article topic. You are best placed to choose the topic based on your own unique passions, experiences, and area of professional expertise

Tone of Articles

One of our values at Ghana Tech Base is that we are a community where everyone is welcome and no one is left behind. We envelop, with love and compassion, people of all countries, ethnicities, cultures, creeds, and beliefs.

So when it comes to writing for Ghana Tech Base, the tone is everything.

We are a space for you to have your unique voice, and to do so in a way that appreciates our mission, values, and manifesto. Please ensure your tone is inspiring, informative, open-hearted, inclusive, and positive. Please help our readers to grow through whatever messages you share.

We absolutely are not about sarcastic, dictatorial, or polarizing approaches that create division. We hope you agree that society is in need of the direct opposite of this old paradigm and negative energy. So as an Author, we invite you to contribute and collaborate with us in bringing a different vibe to the world! Let’s embrace all people and be solutions focused.

Our Final Note

Our team reserves the right to make final revisions, but it’s your writing, and we’ll collaborate with you every step of the way.

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