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How To Password Protect Your Files Or Apps On Android

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If you’re looking for an added layer of security for the contents of your phone, you should look into securing important files and apps with a password.

In case your phone gets lost or stolen, you won’t have to worry about personal documents getting into the hands of malicious entities.

How To Password-Protect Any File On Android.

  1.  Open Files by Google app on your smartphone.
  2.  In the ‘Browse’ tab, scroll down and select ‘Safe folder’.
  3. Choose a type of lock for your files.
  4. Go to the file, photo, video, or document you want to secure and tap the three dots next to it.
  5. Select ‘Move to safe folder’.
  6. Enter the PIN or Pattern you created.
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Your file will be moved to the safe folder and can only be accessed when you enter the PIN or Pattern. You will need to move the file out of the secure folder to open it.

How To Password-Protect Any File On Android.

  1.  Open the S Secure app on your smartphone. This is one of Samsung’s native apps. If you use any other Android device, check if the manufacturer offers a Secure Folder for apps.
  2. You can also access this feature by opening Settings and selecting ‘Advanced Features’.
  3. Tap on ‘Lock and mask apps’.
  4. Select ‘Locked apps’.
  5. Add the app your want to protect with a password.
  6. Hit back when you’re done. Your changes will be saved.
  7. Tap the password-protected app. You will need to enter your pin, password, or pattern to access it.
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This is how you can add a password to any file or app on an Android smartphone. Use these methods to password-protect any file or app on Android.

Files by Google and Samsung’s Secure Folder are as close to ‘native features’ as it gets. Some smartphones may require downloading these apps from the Google Play Store. There are several other third-party file lockers like Norton App Lock and Folder Lock that can carry out the same tasks.

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