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Instagram And Facebook Are Down In Some Parts Of The World

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Meta-owned apps like Instagram, Facebook, and Facebook Messenger are down in some parts of the world, including parts of the US. has over 598,000 people reporting outages worldwide.

Those facing the outage reported issues like being unable to refresh their Instagram feed and having trouble logging into Facebook.

Instagram And Facebook Are Down In Some Parts Of The World

Meta-owned apps, including Facebook and Instagram, are currently experiencing an outage. The reason for this remains unclear. As of now, the issue appears to be isolated to these platforms, with no reports affecting other companies’ services.

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While some users also reported issues with Google-owned apps like YouTube and Google Play Store around the same time, their outage seems less widespread compared to Meta’s. We’re still awaiting official confirmation from Meta regarding the cause and expected resolution time.

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Meanwhile, users have taken to X, formerly Twitter, to share their experiences, vent their frustrations, and even create lighthearted memes about the situation. Hopefully, the affected apps will be back online soon.

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